Crisp roasted baby potato and spicy fragrant chakalaka salad drizzled with fresh Danya and coriander seed yoghurt

Red coleslaw consisting of red cabbage, red onions and beetroot tossed in a condensed milk and mayonnaise dressing

Watermelon, cucumber ribbons and creamy Danish feta salad with mint and balsamic reduction

Cheesy garlic bread



Phutu pap served with tomato, onion and chilli salsa and inkomazi

Rich creamy spinach with carrots and sultanas

Sweet pumpkin fritters drizzled with salted caramel and pecan nut sauce

Juicy Grabouw boerewors complimented with a tangy tomato bredie

Perfectly grilled tender rump steaks drizzled with a thyme sauce and chimichurri salsa

Tender pork belly ribs coated in barbeque and coriander seed basting

Peri-peri and lime marinated chicken, flame grilled to perfection drizzled with a chilli, parsley and white wine sauce.



Seasonal fruit skewers drizzled with chocolate yoghurt

Mini south African koeksisters dipped in brandy, chilli syrup

Mini lemon meringue tartlets

Date and pecan nut pudding with coffee custard