Sliced biltong, roast vegetable and and pasta salad tossed in lime, gin and olive oil dressing

Apple, celery, blue cheese and pecan nut salad bound together with a curried mayonnaise

Traditional three bean salad

Assorted bread and butters



Pap and cheese bake

Savoury rice

Pork ribs, sweet potato, apple and cabbage potjie

Rich flavoursome red wine oxtail and bean potjie

Curried lamb neck and dried fruit potjie

Eastern spiced ostrich cubes, vegetable, potato and apricot potjie


Roast butternut and sweet potato

Grilled baby marrow and parmesan cheese

Roasted mielies covered in mayonnaise, chilli and coriander



Peppermint crisp fridge tart

Milk tartlets

Rich, moist malva pudding and custard

Fruit salad

Ice Cream