Halloumi salad

With cucumber spaghetti, peppadews, halloumi cheese, tomatoes, falafel and bacon bits served with a yoghurt, coriander and mint dressing

Grilled spicy chorizo

Served with calamari served with a tomato, corn and tortilla salsa and homemade chilli and tomato jam



Grilled fillet of beef

Served with oxtail ravioli on grilled mangetout

Grilled line fish

In a fragrant, spicy shrimp and mushroom broth with julienne vegetables, enoki mushrooms and bean sprouts served with jasmine tea steamed rice

Grilled chicken breast

Served on spinach and sundried tomato ragout with chicken, mushroom, rocket and cashew nut cannelloni drizzled with a rocket and gruyere cheese sauce

Grilled lamb loin chops

Served on homemade chakalaka, smoked sweet potato mash, honey-glazed butternut and peas, drizzled with rosemary jus and white chocolate



Sticky fig and pecan pudding served with toffee sauce, strawberry & lime crème Fraiche

Apple and pear tart tatin