Smoked butternut crème brûlèe

Served with a bobotie cigar accompanied by a dry peach chutney and citrus salad

Avocado pannacotta

Served with grilled prawns and confit tomato accompanied by a chive and lime aioli, lime coral and pomegranate mayonnaise

Halloumi salad

Consisting of fried halloumi, peppadews, cucumber, olives, tomatoes and cashew nuts drizzled with a coriander yoghurt dressing



Grilled fillet of beef

Set on creamed spinach, pap disc and chakalaka, surrounded with Parisienne honey butternut, drizzled with pepper thyme jus

Lamb loin chops

Served on creamy samp, sautéed green beans and charred sweetcorn drizzled with onion jus and topped with a mango & carrot achaar

Herb crusted line fish

Parmesan, ricotta cheese and herb crusted line fish with tossed fine green beans, confit tomato petals, crispy tomato skins, asparagus and sweet potato puree, drizzled with a creamy smoked roast pepper sauce

Grilled cajun cauliflower steaks

Served on vegetable cous-cous  served with spinach and cheese lasagne stuffed zucchini, topped with a balsamic grilled mushroom skewer, Parisienne

vegetables and a lemon & herb sauce



Chocolate mousse

Cake pyramids with coffee jelly, peanut butter ice cream

Tangy lemon tart

With pepper meringue kisses and rosemary custard served with lemon vodka sorbet